Audifintax – Independent Auditors

We are a company that provides professional services of audit and accounting of high quality, in an independent, objective and ethical way.

We invest in the development of initiatives that promote objectivity, independence and professional development, by understanding that these qualities are fundamental for the provision of a high value added value audit and accounting service.


We offer personalized services to our clients with high standards of quality and innovative spirit. Faithful to our values ​​and principles that differentiate us from the competition.


We will be in the next five years the leading company in our domestic market segment for the provision of external, internal and accounting audit services. Based on a solid work team committed to values ​​and innovative attitude.


Our values ​​are the basis for decision-making and our guideline of behavior. The values ​​that underpin our mission define how we should behave personally and act in our business, these are: quality, teamwork and leadership.


We channel our best efforts to meet the goals outlined in each project in which we engage with our customers. We always provide added value and exceed expectations through innovation, continuous learning and timeliness.


The best solutions come from working together with our partners and customers. Effective teamwork requires strong relationships based on mutual respect. It represents meeting the needs of our customers through different perspectives, skills and experiences.


To us leadership is doing what is right and we strive to motivate our team and clients with an innovative vision in order for them to show personal integrity in each project.

Independence policy

Our independence policy and processes are aimed at training our professionals to comply with the independence standards related to audit work established by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) issued by the International Federation of Accountants Accountants (IFAC for its acronym in English).

AUDIFINTAX professionals participate in annual training courses on independence, in order to help maintain our standards in the execution of audit work.

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